Make your Chinese New Year graphics pop with these Office tricks

There are simple and traditional color choices for Chinese New Year graphics and text plus some Microsoft Office graphics tricks to make them look a lot better in Word and PowerPoint.

Simple design done in a few moments with just the icons and tools in Word 365 or PowerPoint 365.

Looking for 2022 New Year graphics, icons or emoji? Add the Year of the Tiger into Word, PowerPoint and Office

Red and Gold

The Chinese New Year colors are Red and Gold. Red is for good fortune, happiness and joy.  Gold (big surprise) for prosperity and wealth.

Red: can’t go wrong with basic Bright Red which is on the main Office color selector specifically #FF0000 or RGB: 255,0,0  or Dark Red #C00000 or  RGB: 192,0,0

Gold:  try #FFD700 or RGB: 255,215,0

Feel free to adjust the luminance / brightness from those starting colors from More Colors | Custom.

A red background with gold letters or graphics is simple and powerful.

Red on a Gold background doesn’t work as well, though you’re welcome to try with a darker red (left)

Shadow and Glow

The Shadow effect for text and graphics adds a bit more substance or ‘heft’. See the Tiger character at right above.

The Glow option makes the fireworks icon ‘pop’ more than the plain graphic does. Here’s the original Fireworks icon (left) followed by some tweaks possible in Office. 3D rotation and two types of Glow. Go to Graphics Styles | Graphics Effects | Glow and choose a variation near your needs. Then go to Glow Options to customise the color and perhaps tweak the settings.

Add the Year of the Tiger into Word, PowerPoint and Office
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