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The new Symbols in Microsoft Office aren’t what you think

Microsoft has announced a new Symbols Server for Microsoft Office which is a good move but not what most people think of when they see the word ‘Symbols’.

These symbols are NOT characters like £ € ™ nor emoji such as ❄️❤️🎂 or the infamous eggplant🍆 😁

The new symbols are a technical resource for security analysts and third-party hardware/software developers starting later this month.

Microsoft’s explanation of Symbols:

Symbol files are created by the compiler when you build your project. 

Symbol files contain information – symbols – that the debugger uses while analyzing a program.  

Some basic symbols, such as function names, global variables, are needed for even the most rudimentary debugging and are called public symbols while files containing additional information like local variables and line numbers are called private symbols. 

Symbol files that contain public symbols alone are called stripped symbol files – which Microsoft Office will be publishing on the Symbol Server 

Microsoft makes certain symbols, binary code, and other executables available via the Microsoft Symbol Server for use in debugging and testing of the user’s software in connection with Microsoft software, and not for any unauthorized use. Please refer to the Microsoft License Terms – Microsoft Symbol Server.

Source: Microsoft Security Blog

It’s important news for developers but nothing relevant to regular Microsoft Office users.

All you really need to know is that most of us can ignore the news about new ‘Symbols’ in Office.

More about the other type of symbols ….

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