Tell me Office help now on the right-click menu

There’s a little undocumented surprise in the latest Insiders releases of Office for Windows, a new place to start a Search or at least the ‘Tell Me’ Office help feature.  It’s a new option but the underlying help system is still woefully inadequate.

Right-click in a document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook) and the top item isn’t ‘Cut’ but now a Search box.

It’s called ‘Search’ and we thought it would show the same results as the Search (Alt + Q) field on the title bar.

But so far, this new Search only finds Office help results from the limited ‘Tell Me’ system.

Searching for ‘Word’ in the right-click search box only finds Office help results, not the search term in the document itself. That’s what happens with the Search field on the title bar, like this, using the same document as the image above.

These days the once hyped ‘Tell Me’ has merged into the overall document and file search.

However there’s been no effort by Microsoft to expand the results of the help search to include more than the basic Office features.  As we’ve noted before, even typing the exact name of a feature doesn’t get a useful answer.

This addition is OK but seems unnecessary when the Search box is so prominent in the nearby title bar.,

Perhaps Microsoft could devote some effort to making the underlying help system properly comprehensive? 

Who gets it?

Microsoft’s documentation hasn’t mentioned this new right-click Search field.  It may change or even disappear.

It appeared in Office 365 for Windows Insiders fast/beta version 2202 build 14907.20000

‘Tell me’ help now in Mac Office 365 with the same limitations

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