Circle and Sphere Formulas in Excel using Pi 𝜋

Here’s a list of some common circle and sphere calculations that you might remember from school (or long forgotten) but now as Excel formula.

Many formulas rely on Pi 𝜋 so Excel has a function Pi() which inserts it to 14 decimal places.  That’s accurate enough for almost any purpose including calculating planetary motions and saves everyone typing 3.14159265358979 over and over again.

Copy any of these formula into Excel, replace the names with cell references/names and you’re good to go!

Circle formulas in Excel

Formulas to work out the Circumference, Area, Arc Length and Arc Area of a circle.

CircleExcel Formula
CIRCUMFERENCE from radius=PI()*Radius*2
CIRCUMFERENCE from diameter=PI()*Diameter
DIAMETER from circumference=Circumference/PI()
RADIUS from circumference=Radius/PI()*2
AREA from radius=PI()*Radius^2
AREA from diameter=PI()*(Diameter/2)^2
AREA from circumference=(Circumference/PI()/2)^2*PI()
ARC LENGTH from radius and angle in degrees=2*PI()*Radius*(AngleDegrees/360)
ARC AREA from radius and angle in degrees=(PI()*Radius^2)*(AngleDegrees/360)

Sphere formulas in Excel

For a sphere or ball, here’s the Excel formulas for Surface Area and Volume.

SphereExcel Formula
SURFACE AREA from diameter=PI()*(Diameter^2)
SURFACE AREA from radius=PI()*(Radius*2)^2
VOLUME from diameter=PI()*Diameter^3/6
VOLUME from radius=PI()*(Radius*2)^3/6

Earth, Moon and Sun calcs in Excel

Here’s the sphere formulas in practice for the surface area and volume of our planet and some near neighbors.

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