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Microsoft Word vs Spelling Bee quiz

How does Microsoft Word’s spell check work against ten difficult or unusual words from a New York Times spelling bee quiz?

What’s in a Word is an interesting quiz of words used in past Scripp’s Spelling Bee’s and, as usual, we’re interested in how many of the words are recognized in Microsoft Word’s spelling.  Word scored 100% in this short test which is better than the usual score against the annual Spelling Bee champs.

Spoiler Alert: don’t keep reading if you want to try out the NYT quiz first.

Here’s all the words as they appear in Microsoft Word. Not a red squiggly line in sight, meaning all the words are in the US English dictionary.

All the words are also recognized in the UK and Australian versions of Word’s English dictionary.

Some minor notes.  ‘Erewhonian’ is considered OK only with a capital letter, ‘erewhoian’ gets marked as a spelling mistake which is right since Erewhon is a proper name.  

The word “Erewhon”, the title of Samuel Butler’s original book is NOT in MS Word’s dictionary even though it’s the source of the term ‘Erewhoian’.

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