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OneNote gets "speech to text" Transcribe

The Transcribe option in OneNote for Windows lets you get a “speech to text” written transcript of either a live recording or an already saved audio file.

It’s an extension of the existing Transcribe feature in Word on the web (in a browser) and works the same way.  That’s not entirely a good thing because Microsoft has done nothing to fix annoyances in the current Transcribe.

See Convert a recording into text with Word’s Transcribe

OneNote’s Transcribe is on the far-right of the Home tab.

For details of how Transcribe works see Convert a recording into text with Word’s Transcribe

There’s also a chapter in Dictation and Read Aloud in Office about Transcribe.


Originally Transcribe had a limit of 300 minutes per month but that’s changed.

At the moment there’s no limit on the amount of Transcription done but Microsoft counts the minutes and might apply a limit in future. 

Only Microsoft 365 customers get Transcribe except government licence users (GCC/GCC-H/DOD).

Who gets it?

Transcribe is in OneNote desktop for Windows (what Microsoft insists on calling just “OneNote”).

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Supported languages

Here’s Microsoft’s list of supported languages.

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