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Simple trick to make WhatsApp send full size, original photos

There’s a simple trick to make WhatsApp send full size, original pictures instead of smaller versions that WhatsApp usually sends.

Sending the original, unchanged picture is better for display on larger screens and especially for editing the image.  It’s best to have good resolution pictures in Word and especially PowerPoint presentations.

Choose the send option ‘Document ‘ instead of ‘Camera’ or ‘Gallery’. 

‘Document’ really means ‘any file’ and will send the complete image as saved on your device.

See Send a full size, original image by WhatsApp for Android and Send a full, original image by WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp sends small photos

When you choose Photos or Camera to send an image, WhatsApp converts it into smaller version with less information.

How small? We tested with a smartphone camera image.

The original photo saved to the smartphone is 3.1MB, 4032 x 1960 . There’s more image detail and all the ‘meta-data’ as well.

The latitude & longitude are in the original photo and they are very useful for sorting and grouping images.

WhatsApp sent a tiny 453kb image, less than one-fifth the size of the original photo!

The dimensions 1600 x 777 are smaller too.  All the extra info has been deleted, especially the GPS location details.

The smaller image is enough for a phone or even tablet devices. It’s also quicker to send and receive, which is why WhatsApp shrinks photos.

Here’s another example.  WhatsApp sends a tiny 209kb version of a 3.1MB (3,100kb) original image.

There’s a simple way to fix this. No special plug-ins are necessary, just use another WhatsApp option to send ‘Document’ instead of photos

Here’s how to do that on WhatsApp for iPhone or WhatsApp for Android .

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