Bold, Italic and Strikethrough in WhatsApp and Word

There are shortcuts that automatically format bold and italic text in Word.  The same shortcuts and more work in WhatsApp texting as well.

AutoFormatting Bold and Italics as you type

In Microsoft Word and Outlook  it’s possible to make words bold or italic as you’re typing.  For touch-typists that’s faster than stopping to highlight text and format it.

The options  *bold* and _italic_ with real formatting is available in both Windows and Mac versions of Word or Outlook.

The option is OFF as installed, you have to turn it from on the AutoCorrect settings in Word for Windows/Mac.

It works for multiple words and sentences in the same paragraph eg  *This bold statement. And this bold statement.* will all be formatted.

WhatsApp text formatting

The same thing is possible in WhatsApp either on a device or the Windows/Mac desktop extensions.  It’s the only way to make text bold or italic because there’s no formatting toolbar or keyboard shortcuts.

The WhatsApp text formatting goes beyond the two options in Word.  As well as *bold* _italic_ there are two not in Word for strikethrough and monospace font.

The big difference from Word is that the formatting happens when you click Send.  In Word the format change happens right away, not in WhatsApp.

Stars  make bold eg  *bold*  *this is BOLD*

Underscore for italics eg  _italic_    _all this is italic_

Tilde for strikethrough eg  ~Yes~    or  ~Don’t even think of it~

Three Backticks for monospace font  eg  ```<HTML>```  or  ```password```

Monospace is handy for sending passwords. The Courier-like fixed space font is less likely to be misread.

The ‘backtick’ isn’t the apostrophe symbol.  On most keyboards it’s top left, the lower case symbol ‘under’ where the tilde lives.

Source: Wikipedia

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