Year of the Rabbit images and more in Microsoft Office

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese calendar. There’s plenty of rabbit, bunny and other New Year related images, icons and Chinese character in Microsoft Office plus advice on the right colors to use for Chinese New Year graphics.

Chinese New Year is on 22 January 2023, an excuse for fireworks, good food, good company and, if you’re lucky, a red envelope!

Rabbit Emojis

There are two rabbit emoji – rabbit and rabbit face.

Search for ‘rabbit’ to find both in the Windows Emoji Panel

Or the Mac Character Viewer

Remember that emoji look different, depending on the device displaying the email or document. The Windows and Apple versions of emoji often vary, compare above the cartoonish rabbit from Windows with the more life-like Mac rendering.

Emoji can be recolored to a single color only using the standard Font Color control.  This works in Word for Windows but not in our Word for Mac tests.

Unicode numbers for Rabbit emoji

Here are the Unicode numbers for the two rabbit emoji, use these for the Alt + X shortcut in Word for Windows or other places.

🐇 Rabbit   U+1F407

🐰 Rabbit Face U+1F430

Office Icons

Modern Office has icons (Insert | Illustrations | Icons), in Microsoft 365 there are two rabbit icons with outline or black variations. Just search for ‘rabbit’.

Those four can be colored and adapted using the tools on the Graphics Format tab.  Here’s the original Icons, then recolored and finally with various Graphic Effects: Shadow, Reflection, Soft Edges and Bevel.

Rabbit Illustrations

Insert | Illustrations | Icons | Illustrations has three rabbit graphics.

Just like Icons, Illustrations can be recolored and adapted. Here’s the original plus the same illustrations all colored plus flipped or rotated.


Microsoft 365 has ‘rabbit’ images at Insert | Illustrations | Pictures | Stock Images.

More online

Of course, beyond Microsoft Office there are plenty of rabbit graphics and images online.  Start with Google Image search.

Chinese Character for rabbit

The Chinese character for Rabbit is

It’s available as a SVG or PNG graphic from Wikipedia or copy the symbol from the text in the last paragraph.

The character is the same in both traditional and modern/simplified script.


The traditional Chinese lucky colors are Red, Yellow and Green.  For Chinese New Year, it’s mainly Red with some yellow or gold for lettering or highlights.

There’s no specific colors or color codes but these are common:


  • Bright or Fire Engine red  #CC232A or RGB: (204, 35, 42)
  • Dark Red #A3262A or  RGB: (163, 38, 42)

Yellow / Gold

  • Gold  #CC9902  or RGB: (204, 153, 2)
  • Lighter Yellow #FFD84B or RGB: (255, 216, 75)
  • Bright Yellow (Crayola)  #F5AC27 or RGB: (245, 172, 39)

Finding more SVG or Icons for your Office documents
Hex color code advantages in Office

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