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Bald Eagles aplenty in Microsoft Office

There are ten different bald eagles in Microsoft Office alone, as icons, stock images or even a 3D model, plus many other sources for photos and graphics online.

We’re focusing here on the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) which is native to North America and a US National Symbol.

There are many collective nouns for eagles …. aerie/eyrie, jubilee, convocation, soar or nest of Eagles.

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There are two eagles in the Microsoft 365 Icons at Insert | Icons, the standard pair of solid (black) and outline (white).

Like all Icons, you can change the colors and size easily.

Do more with an Office Icon be changing it to a Shape, see Better Icon, illustration or SVG editing trick in Office

Beyond Office, there are many SVG (Office Icon) of bald eagles online. See Finding more SVG or Icons for your Office documents

The Heraldic Bald Eagle is the design used on the Great Seal of the USA (which is also available as an SVG from Wikimedia).  In Microsoft 365, Office 2019 and later, use the SVG/Original file.

Stock Images

There are seven eagle images with eight eagles shown in them. Plus, there are some eagle iconography from native American tradition.

Of course, there are many more images available. Go to Google Images to see a whole eyrie of bald eagles.

3D Model

There’s a stock 3D model which can be twisted around to any perspective you want then take a still image of that look.  See Discover the secret powers of a 3D model

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