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Make monsters and pipes with this clever font

Here’s a clever and innovative font that lets you make unique monsters or pipe connections for Word, PowerPoint or anywhere else you need something a little different. Office Watch has a complete list of the Teranoptia font symbols for easy reference.

Teranoptia is a font that uses letters and some other symbols to create fantastical beasts. It draws from the Bayeux Tapestry and medieval illustrations, as well as children’s books for its style. You can use it to make decorative borders, to invent creatures or simply to add some flavor to your layouts with notes in the margins.

Instead of seeing letters and some symbols a creature or piping are visible. So the letters OQR appear like this in Teranoptia:

For a longer creature, just add more middle or body sections. In this case Q or P, this is OQPQR

Or add a different head OQN (we’ve also changed the color of the head)


There are also vertical and horizonal piping characters this is {$} in Terantopia.

There are so many possibilities.

Free download

Teranoptia font was made by Ariel Martín Pérez and available from Tunera works on both Windows and Mac with any version of Office or other programs.

There’s also a teranoptia-specimen.pdf overview.


Like any speciality font, be careful using it in shared documents or emails because the receiving computers will probably not have the font.  Any Teranoptia font characters will probably just appear as letters to receivers.

For shared Word documents, embed the font before sending.  In emails, take a screen-shot of the Teranoptia characters and insert the image instead.

UPPER case Teranoptia

These creatures face right.


lower case teranoptia

These creatures face left.

Letters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Pipes and connectors

Symbols: (){}[]-“”‘’ « » ‹› $ €

Other Teranoptia symbols

Symbols: žr,*-

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