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Use the Force with your PowerPoint & online backgrounds

The official Star Wars web site has some pictures that you can use as virtual backgrounds for your Zoom or Teams online calls. Also great for PowerPoint slides.

Go to , click on an image to open the full version then right-click on the picture and choose ‘Save image as …’ or equivalent on your browser.

PowerPoint too

Though the site doesn’t mention it, the same images can be added to PowerPoint slides. The Star Wars images are nicely proportioned to fit into both PowerPoint slides (Normal 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9).

Open the full image in a browser, as mentioned above then right-click and choose Copy.

Switch to PowerPoint and paste the image into a slide.  Resize the image as needed.

We changed the original color a little to let the text stand out better.  Picture Tools | Color | Color Saturation or Color Tone.

(the original image color is visible in this PowerPoint screen shot).

Star Wars movie opening and end credits in PowerPoint
Star Wars look in Word and PowerPoint

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