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Will Microsoft 365 stop working if the plan is not paid?

How long will Microsoft let you use Microsoft 365 if you don’t pay by the due date? Will the subscription service just stop on the due date or is there a ‘grace period’.

We wondered how patient Microsoft would be if a Microsoft 365 Business plan wasn’t paid by the due date?  So we held off payment to find out. Turns out, at least 2 weeks in our test.

Don’t panic if a Microsoft 365 plan isn’t paid by the due date. There’s a ‘grace period’ after the due date and later, a clear notice of the plan ending.

After the due date, Microsoft’s system will attempt to charge the stored credit/debit card every few days.

After 19 days there was the first notice of “service interruption”.

Your milage may vary

Keep in mind that we could only do one test on a single Microsoft 365 Business plan for a small amount.

Different rules might apply to consumer plans or a larger organization, enterprise or education customer with a much larger invoice.

Of course, it’s best to pay the Microsoft 365 plan when it’s due but it’s nice to know there’s some leeway.

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