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Where is the ODF add-in?

Where is the long-promised add-in to support ODF document formats

Microsoft has its own document formats supported fully in Office 2007 (OpenXML documents), there’s a similar set of document formats in the open source world, the Open Document Format

Cleverly hedging their bets, Microsoft arranged for an external group to make converters between the two formats. This allows Microsoft to claim ODF compatibility while absolving themselves of any responsibility.

The Word document converter has been available since January 2007 but the Excel and Powerpoint converters have only recently been fully released.

You won’t find these add-ons listed on Microsoft’s site, they are at with separate downloads for Excel 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007.

After installation you’ll find a new ‘ODF’ entry in the File menu of XP and 2003 programs or the main menu in 2007 programs.

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