Missing Proofing Tools prompt in Word 2013

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Don’t know why or how but a useful message appears in Word 2013.

We were working away in a local café today, minding our own business when this appeared atop our Word 2013 document

Missing Proofing Tools

The document contains text in Portuguese (Brazil) which isn’t being proofed. You may be able to get the proofing tools for this language

http://img.office-watch.com/ow/Word%202013%20missing%20proofing%20warning.png image from Missing Proofing Tools prompt in Word 2013 at Office-Watch.com

This was a surprise, not the least because there’s been Portuguese language in the document for months but never has the message appeared. And we can’t make it appear again so why and when it shows up is one of those Office mysteries.

Whether you see the message or not, clicking on ‘Download’ takes you to this web page. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/language-packs/

Pick a language from the pull down list and then you’ll see what’s available for Office 2013 only:

http://img.office-watch.com/ow/Office%202013%20Language%20download%20page.png image from Missing Proofing Tools prompt in Word 2013 at Office-Watch.com

The choices depend on the language and can include:

On the left is the full language pack which can have all the menus, help and proofing tools in the selected language. Click on the link to buy but keep in mind that if you have an Office 365 subscription you can reinstall Office 2013 choosing a different language. 
At the bottom of this section it will warn you if there’s a chance that you already have the proofing tools. For example, the Spanish language version of Office 2013 comes with Portuguese (Brazil) proofing tools.

Proofing Tool is in the middle column and, most likely, the choice for most people. Click the download button, if available, to download the free Office 2013 spell-checker (at least) and possibly also thesaurus, grammar and hyphenation rules too,

ScreenTips are the expanded tooltips that can appear on menus. Office 2013 lets you have screen tips in another language from the main ribbon and menus.


So there’s no need to wait for the ‘Missing Proofing Tools’ message to appear, if it ever does.  Just go to the downloads page and get the proofing tools you need.

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