Quick and Dirty document sharing

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Sharing a document with Office 2013 and OneDrive

Sharing a document online for people to view and edit is pretty easy. Here’s how …

Create your document in Office 2013 and save it to your OneDrive account.

Tip: turn on Track Changes before uploading so you can see who edited the document and what changed.


Now the document is online you have to tell people that it’s there and what you want people to do with it. OneDrive has various options to do that like sending a message (aka ‘invite’) from within OneDrive to your collaborators or getting a sharing link that you can email to each person.

http://img.office-watch.com/ow/OneDrive%20sharing.png image from Quick and Dirty document sharing at Office-Watch.com

You don’t need a Microsoft account login to edit a document in Office Web Apps. But if someone wants to download the document, edit then upload they’ll need a Microsoft account. That can be messy because most people have more than one email address. Before inviting people check which email address the person has linked to their Microsoft account (if at all).

Once that’s done you should be able to see any edits or comments made by your collaborators as they make them. Open the document in Office 2013 from OneDrive at any time

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