BT Sync improvements and one time fee

We’re big fans of BT Sync.   It’s a great way to sync files and media between a range of computers and devices.  It can do it wherever the devices are, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

The synchronization happens directly between the computers.  There’s no cloud storage involved so it’s considerably more secure and private.  In effect it’s your own private cloud using existing computers.

We use it to sync documents between desktop, laptop and mobile devices.  An Office document changed on the desktop computer is updated quickly on the laptop and tablet device.  Same goes for a music collection – it’s stored on the laptop and automatically mirrors to a mobile phone.

BT Sync is the only file/folder sync software that’s supported on a range of devices – not just Windows and Linux.

You can sync files with Apple, Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and Kindle Fire plus some NAS storage boxes.  Also Mac OSx Mountain Lion or later and FreeBSD.

But BT Sync v2.0 was a disappointment especially since it introduced an annual fee of some US$40 for registration.  There were also some privacy concerns and some annoyances.

I’m happy to see they’ve relented and now have a Personal option – a one-time US$40.

The free version is enough for most people but Archiving, Selective Sync plus the opportunity to support a good product makes the $40 worth paying. – click on the ‘Personal’ box to see the $39.99 one-time option.

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