Don’t pay $1,000 for an iPhone when you can pay less than half that

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With all the gushing over the $1,000 iPhone, it was nice to see a different perspective recommending the cheapest iPhone instead.

Ben Gilbert at The Independent points out that the iPhone SE was made $50 cheaper with the release of the iPhone X.

From Apple direct, the iPhone SE 32GB model is now US$350 and the 128GB model is only $100 more (unlocked, no carrier link).  The 64GB model is available elsewhere and there’s usually better pricing available from other retailers.

iphone se front and back 300x158 - Don't pay $1,000 for an iPhone when you can pay less than half that

iPhone SE specs

The iPhone SE has the same A9 chip and rear camera as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

As a bonus, the SE has a real headphone socket, something Apple has dropped from more recent models.

The screen is small – only 4″ which is enough for most uses.  Some people prefer smaller smartphones and don’t like the current trend for larger screens.  It’s a tight fit for the Microsoft Office apps but they’ll work.

The rear camera is something we’d all dreamed of only five years ago. 12 megapixels stills plus 4K resolution video (3840 by 2160 at 30 fps)

More GB, you’ll use it

We suggest getting the 64GB model because everyone eventually uses the available space, even if they’re absolutely sure that 16 or 32GB will be enough.

iPhones don’t have the additional memory slot that many Android phones offer.  Choose a model with enough space for apps and data.  It’s expensive and time-consuming to get another iPhone with more capacity.

If the iPhone SE isn’t enough, check out the iPhone 6 with a larger screen, 64GB or 128GB models.

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