Add Tripit itinerary to your Outlook calendar

Here’s how to merge the travel details in your Tripit itinerary into your Outlook calendar.

Just like our previous Tripit article, Tripit tips for Microsoft Outlook Tripit isn’t involved in this piece in any way. There’s no money or consideration in exchange for this article.

Outlook software can link to external calendars and display them with your main calendar (Overlay).  Tripit provides an external calendar for each account that can be imported into Outlook.

Start by getting a live calendar link from your Tripit Account settings | Publishing Your Data.

The option for ‘detailed items’ ON so you have a copy of the important flight/hotel details in your calendar as well.

Automatically adjust time zones in your calendar feed.  Most people leave this ON because their computer/device adjusts it’s time to suit your current location.  turn this option OFF, if you leave your computer fixed to a single time zone wherever you are.

Click the Subscribe link then the Subscribe to calendar feed button.

Now you can see you personalized calendar link.  Copy that link to your clipboard.

Note:  there’s no password on this link so don’t share it with anyone unless you want them to also see your full travel plans.

Adding a Tripit Calendar to Outlook

Now you have your calendar link, add it to Outlook (Windows or Mac).

Switch to your main calendar then choose Home | Open Calendar | From Internet …

Paste in the Tripit subscribe link and click OK.   On the next dialog box, click Advanced.

For the Subscription options there’s a few things you might want to change.

Folder name: this is what appears in the narrow navigation pane so it’s best to make it short and obvious.

Attachments:  Tripit doesn’t appear to use attachments but we usually turn this option on anyway.

Click OK to return to the previous dialog then Yes to add the calendar.  Wait a short while as Outlook grabs your itineraries from Tripit.

When it’s finished you’ll see a new calendar.  Flights are shown for their duration, but not check-in times.  Check in/out for hotels are also shown.

Open up the calendar item to see more details.

Overlay Calendars

Finally, display your main calendar and any additional calendars, like Tripit, together.  In the left Folder pane select the calendars you want to view.

They should appear as one calendar with items from each color coded.

If the calendars are side-by-side, switch by right-clicking on the calendar headings to choose Overlay.

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