Word's Comments feature embarrasses Milo

Microsoft’s Word Comments feature has popped up in the news again over the break, this time to embarrass Milo Yiannopoulos, a former Brietbart commentator.

Mr Yiannopoulos is in a legal battle with his publisher over a proposed book and some of the court papers are now public.

What’s catching attention are the editor’s comments in the Word document submitted.  The comments alone are more interesting than the text of the proposed book.

The editor, Mitchell Ivers, added a comment: “Delete entire chapter.”  which is something no author wants to see.

Mostly it’s what you’d expect from a professional book editor.

Using Paris Hilton as a citation for anything is probably not a good idea:

It’s not all bad, take this comment about the Black Lives Matter chapter:

You can read about the comments at Elle.com (yes, that Elle magazine) with a warning that some of the language is ‘fruity’ or in the modern parlance, NSFW .

Mr Yiannopoulos has responded to the court papers and dispute in his usual restrained and subtle manner <not>.

FWIW, we think Mitchell Ivers has done a good and professional editing job under trying circumstances.

The full court exhibit is available from the Internet Archive, which is more reliable than the original court site.  The text is searchable but not the comments text.