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Is it safe to use Icons / SVG in Outlook emails?

Icons are a relatively new part of Office 365 for Windows/Mac but can they be used in emails that go to people not using Office 365?

SVG graphics are widely supported in web browsers but not all email programs know what to do with these new images.  What do they see if you’ve used an Insert | Icon or added an SVG to a message body?

Quick Answer

It’s OK.  Outlook 365 converts the SVG into a Jpeg image before sending so there’s no compatibility problem.

How we know

We did some tests, sending messages with both a Microsoft supplied icon and an inserted SVG to other non-Microsoft mail accounts or programs.  In all cases the image appears looking the same or near as the senders version.

Our test message had two SVG icons. One from Microsoft Office 365’s collection and one added from a save .SVG file.

Both are SVG’s but we wanted to be sure that a Microsoft supplied SVG from Insert | Icon wasn’t treated differently from an imported SVG.  They are not.

Then we checked the received message in Gmail (web browser), and some smartphone, tablet devices.  All the messages looked the same as the original like this from a smartphone.

Looking at the HTML source of the email it’s easy to see why there’s no compatibility problems.

There are no SVG graphics in the sent message, only .jpg versions.


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