Office discount Home Use Program misused in North Carolina

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A North Carolina woman and her son are accused of sharing their discounted Microsoft Office access with her ex-husband, a clear breach of the Home Use Program.

office discount home use program misused in north carolina buying office 22812 - Office discount Home Use Program misused in North Carolina

Source: WLOS, “your Western Carolina News Leader”

We’ve been talking about the Home Use Program for many years.  It’s a heavily discounted Microsoft Office available to employees of organizations which have an Enterprise software agreement with Software Assurance for Office.

In this case, Buncome County, North Carolina has an Enterprise agreement and let their staff have access to the Home Use Program discount.

So far, so good.  Except it’s a breach of the terms to share the Home Use Program with others:

” You may order a single copy of each product to install and use on a home computer. You may continue using this HUP software while you are under our employment.”

At least Buncome County lets their staff have access to the Home Use Program.  We’ve heard from too many people who can’t access the HUP because their employer can’t be bothered.  We even worked with Microsoft to debunk some of the silly excuses given to deprive staff of this benefit.  Office 2016: the real startup guide has a chapter devoted to saving money on buying Microsoft Office, including the Home Use Program.

It’s worth noting that the County is NOT in trouble with Microsoft about this.  Misuse of the Home Use Program is the responsibility of the staff involved, not the organization.

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