Windows 10 update woes – don’t panic!

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As Douglas Adams said, Don’t Panic.  There are problems with the Windows 10 October 2018 major update but they won’t strike you if you’re careful.

The October 2018 update has been suspended by Microsoft after reports that documents/files were being deleted during the update process.  Not good at all.

The affected files seem to be synced with OneDrive, not regular files saved on your computer.  That’s one tiny bit of good news.  The bad news is that both copies are removed (computer and OneDrive).

It doesn’t happen to everyone; most people update without a problem. (This article is being typed on a Win10 October 2018 computer).  But it’s disastrous for those affected because sometimes many GB of docs/files went poof!

It’s reported that Microsoft had been made aware of the problem during the beta/insiders tests.  If so, it would not be the first time Redmond has ignored warnings and stuck to a predetermined schedule.

On Request update

The October 2018 update had been released to the public but only ‘on request’.  People had to specifically update their machine (Settings | Update).  The main rollout, where it’s pushed out to machines automatically had not started.

After a public outcry, Microsoft has now suspended the October 2018 update while they find and fix the bug.

Block the Update

In Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users we’ve long suggested delaying any major update while any problems are discovered and fixed.  It’s the same advice we’ve given for major Office updates too.

There are ways to pause or delay Windows updates. Yes, even for Windows 10 Home edition which officially doesn’t allow deferring of updates.  Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users explains all the different ways you can delay a Windows 10 update until you’re ready.

The opening chapter of Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users has our guide to a careful and safe Windows update.  Based on our long and sometimes bitter experiences of Windows updates we’ve got suggestions on how to prepare for an update (the first chapter section ‘Before Updating’).

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