Laundry label text font in Microsoft Office

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Which font to use if emulating a true laundry care or clothing text label in Word, PowerPoint or other Office program?

We’ve already talked about how to put standard laundry care symbols in Word, Excel or PowerPoint but what about the text that usually goes with the icons?

In our research we couldn’t find any specification of the font to use for text on a laundry care label. There may not be a standard for the text, just the laundry care symbols.  However we weren’t prepared to drop over $100 for a copy of ISO 3758 on the chance it has the info!  If you’re in the clothing industry, could you share any knowledge on this?

Instead we checked out various real clothes labels, both online and in the Office Watch wardrobe, to see what text font to use.

Arial or other sans-serif font

Though there are variations for some fancy brands, most use a simple sans-serif font like Arial.

Arial is in all versions of Office for Mac or Windows and will do the job nicely.

Label text is usually mixed-case but can be all caps.

Using Arial, we quickly made the above ‘label’ in PowerPoint with the ‘Do Not Iron’ SVG icon from Wikipedia,


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