Put the latest Stock and Fund prices in Excel workbooks

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Excel 365 for Windows and Mac has a clever way to add the latest stock prices into spreadsheets in a truly quick and easy way.

Stock data type has been in Excel 365 for Windows since late last year but has gradually improved as the development team react to feedback and changeover to a better financial data feed.  Along the way, the same feature was added to Excel 365 for Mac.

Get a stock price into Excel

The basics are very simple. Type into a cell the name or ticker code of a stock then click Data | Data Types | Stocks.

Excel 365 send that cell text to Microsoft’s cloud service and it replies with the latest data on that stock.  You know it’s happened because of the little building icon in the cell.  The exchange and ticker code may be confirmed as well.

Behind the scenes, Excel 365 has saved many different details about that stock, listed fund or index. See them by adding extra columns.

Add more stocks and you quickly get a full and up-to-date financial picture of your choice of stocks. All the columns are filled and updated automatically.

From that base you can do your own analysis, update your portfolio value and much more. Updating all that info is a single click at Data | Refresh All.

Of course, there’s a lot more you can do with Stock data type which is why we’ve revised our Real Time Excel ebook to include all the latest info, tips and tricks. Including Excel workbooks (like the one above) to open on your computer and try for yourself.

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