Word can understand acronyms

An upcoming feature in Word 365 for Windows (commercial editions) will be able to detect and define acronyms.

When Word ‘sees’ an acronym it will try to show a definition based on it’s context in the document and how other people use the same acronym in the organization.

Source: Microsoft plus some extra edits

That’s why this feature is only in commercial releases of Office 365.  It relies on access to a pool of documents within the organization, saved in Microsoft’s cloud services.

Using an organizations documents as a source means that ‘in-house’ shortcuts (like acronyms for departments, products or positions) can appear in Word.

It’s possible the feature is boosted by a common pool of acronyms like AI in the Microsoft example above.

It’s at References | Insights | Acronyms  in commercial versions of Office 365. An E3 or E5 Office SKU, Exchange hosted in North America with language set to US English.

Acronyms is in Office Insiders v 1908 Build 11901.20038 and later.