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Getting rid of Money in Excel

Money in Excel shows up on the Home tab once you’ve opened the Microsoft template. Here’s how to remove its button from the ribbon or completely remove the add-in from Excel.

As soon as you open and use Money in Excel, it adds itself to the Home tab on the extreme right. Microsoft probably thinks that’s convenient but can be a nuisance because the button appears in all Excel workbooks, not just when Money in Excel is open.

The Money in Excel  button doesn’t open the workbook, it just opens the side-pane which doesn’t have any use outside the template.

Removing Money in Excel button only

Right-click anywhere on the Excel ribbon and choose ‘Customize the ribbon …’

Look down the right side under Home and you’ll see Money in Excel.  Select that then the Remove button.

That removes the button from the ribbon.

Money in Excel still works and you can open your worksheet in the usual way.

Removing the Add-in

If you’ve decided not to use Money in Excel, right-click on the button and choose ‘Remove Add-in’.

Money in Excel has to be removed from any Excel instances you’ve installed it on.

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