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Editor look & feel changes coming in Word and Outlook

Microsoft has announced some changes to the Editor feature in Word and Outlook to improve access to spell-check and grammar tools.

Look for these changes in upcoming releases of Word and Outlook for Windows and later for Mac.

Many reports on these changes say that the Editor is a ‘new grammar checker’ in Word 365, which is nonsense. The announcements are merely interface changes to the existing feature.

Back in March 2020 we explained that Editor is already in Word 365. Right click a word or phrase then ‘Rewrite suggestions’ or Review | Proofing | Check Document.

One-click suggestions

Whenever there’s a red or other Word underline, just click on the word to see suggestions.  A left or right click will show the alternatives.

The suggestions are in what Microsoft calls a ‘dedicated and simplified’ view with the ability to show more information.

Editor pane changes

The side-pane is also changing.  Access the Editor pane via F7

Source: Microsoft

Never fear ….

Existing shortcuts will still work, like right-clicking on ‘error’ words or pressing Shift + F10 to display a context menu.

Who gets it?

According to Microsoft, the changed Editor is in Word & Outlook 365 for Windows, Current Channel (Preview) running Version 2010 (Build 13328.20000) ) or later. 

We’ve not seen these changes in action, which is why the above images are from Microsoft not our own testing.  That’s despite trying Insiders versions much later than the ones were the changes were supposed to appear.  This isn’t the first time that new features don’t appear in the builds that Microsoft says they do.  It’s all very strange and doesn’t help confidence in the development process.

Office for Mac is promised to get the same changes ‘soon’.

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