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How a savvy Office Watch reader really saved with Office 365

A few days ago we told you about a very good deal at Argos in the UK, half-price Office 365 Home.  One couple has taken advantage of our tip, and other suggestions from Office-Watch, to get two years of Office 365 for the price of one.

One of our readers saw our Office 365 Home deal  tip and bought two ₤40 Argos gift cards for her husband’s birthday.

The birthday boy, Brian C, already has Office 365 Home expiring in seven months.  He bought two of the ₤39.99 Office 365 Home deals then applied both product keys to his account.

Now his Office 365 plan lasts until May 2022!!!

As Brian said:

What a find! Recommend this to all your readers. Half price software that works – fill yer boots”

Office 365 money saving

Brian and his generous wife took advantage of some ongoing Office-Watch tips for saving on Office 365.

  • If you find a very good Office 365 deal take it.
    • Make sure it’s the same as your current plan (i.e. Personal or Home)
    • Ignore and throw away any deal ‘extras’ like security software subscriptions.
    • Only use deals from legitimate retailers.
  • Office 365 plans can extend for up to five years.
  • You can extend/renew Office 365 at any time.
    • You don’t have to wait until near expiry.
  • Keep up with the Office Watch newsletters for great deals and tips on Microsoft Office.

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