Great UK deal on Microsoft 365 Family – save £30

Amazon UK has a good deal on Microsoft 365 Family (six user).  For the next week only save £30 on the regular price for new and existing customers.

Pay £49.99 for (another) year of Microsoft 365 Family, instead of £79.99 which is what Microsoft charges for automatic renewals.  Click here for the Amazon UK deal.

Office Watch does NOT get an affiliate commission for links to Amazon.  The company doesn’t approve of our articles critical of their lack of action against sellers of illegal software like Amazon’s fake problems are bigger than just Microsoft Office and Protect yourself buying from Amazon or Ebay 

The deal ends on Wednesday 20th January 2021. It’s supplied by Amazon direct, no worries about a dodgy third-party deal

The low price is only for electronic delivery (Amazon calls it ‘Activation Code by email’). 

Use the code for a new Microsoft 365 plan or, more likely, to extend an existing subscription for another year.

See 6 steps to saving on Microsoft 365 renewals or first purchase

Make sure you choose Microsoft 365 Family – 6 users — not Personal – 1 user (no discount on that).

Renew anytime. A reminder that a Microsoft 365 subscription can be extended anytime – not just near renewal. Some readers buy two or three years worth when they see a good deal. Microsoft allows a subscription to be extended up to five years ahead.

UK users of Microsoft 365 Family only — plans can’t be purchased and used across borders.

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