How to share a single Excel worksheet

Is it possible to share or send a single Excel tab or worksheet from an entire spreadsheet?

Sharing a single worksheet or tab isn’t possible. Excel’s sharing features work on the workbook or entire document level.

But it is possible to send out or share a single worksheet/tab with a little workaround.


These terms get tossed around at times but for this article the difference is important.
Worksheet – a single sheet or tab in an Excel document
Workbook– all the worksheets or tabs in an Excel document
Spreadsheet is a somewhat old-fashioned term. It could mean either a single worksheet or an entire workbook.

Copy to another workbook

The trick is to save a copy of the entire workbook then delete the unwanted tabs from the copy of the document.

Another option is to use the Move or Copy … option on the same right-click menu. One of ‘To book:’ options is (new book) to create a new Excel document. Make sure you click ‘Create a copy’ to keep the worksheet/tab in the current workbook.

You can send or share the new workbook in the usual way.

Ensure that the shared worksheet can operate on the private sheets. There’s no point in sharing or sending a worksheet which depends on inaccessible sheets to work.

Excel Sheet View

If you want to share different views of the one Excel Table, then have a look at Excel Sheet View.

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