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Some Excel worksheets should not be shared

A bad example of Excel and document sharing online.

Over on Reddit there’s a sad example of sharing an Office document that does no credit to the author.

A husband started a diary of his attempts at, shall we say, ‘horizontal folk dancing’ plus his partner’s reasons for not wishing to join him. He then emailed the Excel worksheet to his partner apparently oblivious that both of these acts were probably good examples as to why he wasn’t getting more sex in the first place.

Here’s the worksheet image that’s been spread around the web: image from Some Excel worksheets should not be shared at

Oh where do you start with this?

Sharing documents via email or cloud can be a great idea but there some documents that should be kept to yourself or not made in the first place.

And the formatting! Hubby should spend some of his increasingly free time to improve his Excel skills.

  • Blank row 1

  • Better date formatting (including a day label might be helpful to showing weeknight vs weekend patterns)

  • The Yes/No could be a check box or pull down list.

  • Excuses column could be wider and maybe wrapped.

Bottom line: if you’re going to insult your wife and provide evidence for the divorce proceedings, at least make the documents look nice.

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