What are ClipChamp videos and how to try it today

ClipChamp is an online video editing service that’s been bought by Microsoft and is now available to their customers. Not just long videos but also very short ones for social media.

It has a wide range of ClipChamp features for both personal and business use.

  • Video Editor
  • Templates
  • Stock image library
  • Camera recorder
  • Screen recorder
  • Text to speech with 70 languages and 170 voices
  • Trim or loop video

Now in public beta testing is the inevitable ClipChamp for Teams.

It’s early days but presumably Microsoft will bring ClipChamp fully into the Microsoft 365 cloud system. Some integration with Office apps, particularly PowerPoint, is on some internal Microsoft drawing board.

Basic ClipChamp features are free after sign-in.  Personal users can login with their Microsoft account.  Business users must, for the moment, login separately via their email address.

Free accounts have limited access to stock content and can only export at 480p resolution.

After setting up an account, there’s a desktop app available for installation.

Paid accounts

For the moment, Clipchamp keeps their own paid account options.  Presumably that will change once it’s more tightly integrated with all the other Microsoft 365 cloud services.

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