Now there's Stock videos for your PowerPoint slides

Short Stock videos are coming to PowerPoint 365 slides and backgrounds. Instead of searching the web or making your own little videos, they are now available from PowerPoint itself.

All the videos are short (around 10 seconds) and automatically loop by default.

Here’s four of them as a sampler ..

Just four of the Stock Videos in PowerPoint 365

They seem intended as backgrounds or highlights to slides.

Microsoft 365 customers already have stock images, icons, ‘stickers’ and ‘cutout people’.  Now PowerPoint 365 has Stock Videos via Insert | Media | Video

Illustrations too …

There are also ‘Illustrations’ (see above image, next to Videos) in the latest Office Insiders releases for Windows and Mac.

Stock Video selection

Search the videos by name, subject or just browse.

Click on any thumbnail and the video will play.  Click to select or deselect.

Just like other types of stock imagery, select as many as you want before choosing Insert.  They may be a pause while the full video downloads from Microsoft.

How to use Stock videos

Once in PowerPoint, treat Stock Videos like any other video in a slide.

All the video features are available on the Video Format and Playback tabs.

We’ve take the ‘Baby’s Foot’ video, given it a heart shape frame, yellow border and glow effect all from Video Format | Video Styles.

And changed the contrast a little from Adjust | Corrections.

Stock Video can be part of a slide or become the slide background.

Video Playback

All the usual playback options are available on the Playback tab as well as the mini-play bar under the video itself.

Some of the more relevant playback feature for Stock Videos:

Loop until stopped – defaults on but can be changed to single play only.

Fade Duration – add a fade-in or fade-out

Start – Automatically (default), when clicked or part of a click sequence.

Export to other programs

To use a Stock Video elsewhere, right-click on a video and choose Save Media As …. that will save an MP4 video.

Maybe use the video as background on a Teams or Zoom video? Or add the video to an online Word document or Excel sheet?

Stock Videos are in PowerPoint for Windows  v2012, build 13512.20000) or later.  PowerPoint for Mac and Online are promised.

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