Clipchamp video, getting started with the latest from Microsoft

Clipchamp, a video editor recently acquired by Microsoft, enables users to create their very own unique videos. Previously, users might have spent a long-time editing videos, with Clipchamp, users can create videos easily, whilst also having the ability to integrate extra details.

You can try it out here, or download it from the Windows Store. Sign up is available for free, you can easily use your Microsoft, Google or Facebook account.

For the moment, Clipchamp is still a standalone site but it’ll eventually be folded into the Microsoft site and services. Exactly how remains to be seen. Use Clipchamp then export to a separate video file to import into Office, most likely PowerPoint.

Clipchamp Features

Clipchamp has a variety of different features to offer, which we will look at in further depth.

Timeline Editor

Because Clipchamp’s timeline is designed for everyday editors, it’s a bit different from what you find in some professional video editing software. Video and music content can be easily added to the timeline via drag-and-drop.

Source: Microsoft

After that, it takes only a few clicks to perform simple tasks like trimming or eliminating a mistake in a recording. For more complex tasks, like splitting audio from a video clip, it is still easy to action with just a few steps. The timeline is kept simple and straight-forward in design, so it’s not complicated to use.

In-App Creation Tools

With the camera and screen recorder feature, you can capture content without having to leave the app. Choose between just camera recording or just screen recording. Once the recording has been finished, it will also appear on the timeline, ready to be edited.

Source: Microsoft

Don’t want to use your voice? Clipchamp has a text-to-speech feature powered by Microsoft Azure, with 170 voices to choose from, in up to 70 different languages. Microsoft mentions that the voices are pretty ‘life like’, although we would question the choice of words, we would consider it a type of voiceover that sounds artificial or robotic.

Extras in Creative Editing

Clipchamp offers additional tools on top of the basic essentials to assist in adding extra creative flare to your videos. Extra features include transitions, colorful filters, or swapping out visuals whilst keeping the audio intact across your videos.

Working on a company video? You can set-up and save a brand kit with all of your brand colors, font style and company logos to be used for future videos.

Want to add a meme or sticker to your video? Clipchamp also has the option to browse through GIPHY animations or stickers.

Royalty-Free Stock

Clipchamp has a large stock library with over a million images, videos, music and sound effects, all royalty-free. The stock is filtered into themed categories to make it easier to search through, and you can use the search box to look up what you need.

Designer-Made Templates

Clipchamp provides users with video templates that will help them get started. They have a number of collections from the Clipchamp team, once selected it will appear on the timeline for the users to begin editing. Examples include for YouTube, Gaming, Instagram, Social media ads and TikTok.

Free Sign-up

As mentioned, you can sign-up for free, and free accounts can export in 480p. Luckily there’s no watermark either. If you want a better-quality export, you can pay from $19 a month to be able to export in 720p or 1080p. Additionally, as a premium user you also gain access to extra royalty-free stock. Some users have complained there is no 4K option, that might be a bit excessive for most needs – hopefully better resolutions will be available once the service has completely been integrated with Microsoft 365.

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