Dark mode in Office for Android

Office for Android apps have a Dark Mode but, as usual, Microsoft’s hype is ahead of the reality for customers and misled some commentators.

Source: Microsoft

Get Dark Mode in Office app

To see if you have Dark Mode open the Office app (maybe use Google Play to update your apps first).

Tap on the Home icon at top left then Settings.  Scroll down to see if there’s a Theme option with Light, Dark or System choices.

Only the Office ‘all in one’ app

Despite some reports saying otherwise, the Dark Mode is only in the Android release of the Office ‘all in one’ app. That app has elements of Word, Excel and PowerPoint plus other features combined into a single app.

Dark Mode is now in the individual Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android apps, at least in the Insiders releases.

The Office apps for iPhone and iPad already have a partial Dark Mode. You can set the whole device to dark mode and the Office apps will honor that. However there’s no separate control for dark theme in the Office for iOS apps.

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