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File menu change for the better in Office 365

A small but very welcome change to the File menu in Office 365 for Windows to handle the overflow at the bottom of the window.

It’s one of those changes that Microsoft doesn’t promote or even mention.  Maybe because it’s quite small or perhaps because it fixes an embarrassing design flaw.

The File menu scrolled off the bottom of the screen if there’s not enough space.  The bottom items are important such as Account and Options (the gateway to many vital Office program settings and choices).

To scroll down the File menu, use the vertical scroller on the far right of the window – hardly intuitive.

From the October 2020 public release of Office 365 for Windows, it seems this problem is finally being fixed!

When there’s no room for the entire File menu, there’s a More … item.  Click More … and there’s a flyout menu to show the rest of the File Menu.

The flyout menu flows down from the More … link if there’s screen space.  We’d prefer it to appear within the Office app window, which it does when there’s not enough screen space below the app.  Could the flyout menu appear after just hovering over More …, instead of requiring a click?

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