Passover images and more in Microsoft Office

Add some Passover images and icons to your documents, slides or emails from right inside Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. If you know where to look there are images from the Jewish tradition related to Seder, Matzah and Menorah among many,


The SVG Icons collection (Insert | Illustrations | Icons) has only one option, search for “Menorah” with the usual black or white/outline choices.

Stock Images

It’s the same with Stock Images (Insert | Illustrations | Stock Images). All we could find was one Menorah picture.

The lack of items in Microsoft 365’s Icons and Stock Images seems in line with the company’s apparent reluctance to include graphics from any religious tradition.  Though, in our view, omitting the Christian/Latin Cross and the Star of David seem to be taking that a bit too far.

Online Pictures

You’ll have more success with the Online Pictures option.  Go to Insert | Illustrations | Pictures | Online Pictures.  This is really a Bing image search appearing inside Office.

Search for “Seder” , “Matzah” or more choices for “Menorah”.




If the Office / Bing search doesn’t have what you want, there’s always Google Image search.

Please keep in mind that a mere gentile has written this <g>.  Let us know if we’ve overlooked something.

Thanks to Hanoch McCarty for his help. 

More about Passover:  Wikipedia  or (has recipes!)

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