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OneNote for iPad gets superscript and subscript

OneNote for iPad is finally getting superscript and subscript text formatting options, ten years after the app was released. We’ll show where to find it on the Home tab and the keyboard shortcuts.

It’s true, Subscript and Superscript are only now coming to OneNote for iPad (released in 2013).  Microsoft is proud of this innovation, even boasting that they are responding to customer feedback. A more accurate label would be “finally fixing a basic gap in OneNote

Home | More Formatting

On the Home tab look under the More Formatting button, which replaces the Strikethrough button.

Keyboard shortcuts

If there’s a keyboard attached, there are shortcuts available, according to Microsoft.

  • Subscript –  Command + + (plus sign)
    • It’s Command + = (equals) in Word for Mac
  • Superscript – Command + Shift + + (plus sign)
    • the same as Word for Mac

According to Microsoft, these are the keyboard shortcuts in OneNote for Mac.

  • SubscriptCommand +  = Equals Sign
  • SuperscriptCommand + Shift + + Plus Sign

Though we can’t get either to work on our up to date Mac with OneNote 365.

For Windows the shortcuts are:

  • SubscriptControl + Shift + _ (underscore)
  • SuperscriptControl + Shift + + (plus sign)

Confused yet?

Who gets it?

Insiders who use OneNote iPad with Version 2.75 Build 23070301 or later and is expected publicly in August 2023.

Why so long?

Sometimes a Microsoft announcement is so unaware of its own strangeness, it’s funny.  That often happens when the company hypes a new feature which most people would expect was already in the program.

The latest example of this is the boast that OneNote for iPad now supports superscript and subscript text.  Really … these two basic formatting options weren’t in the OneNote app from the very beginning in 2013.  Bizarre since OneNote is heavily pushed as a student notetaking app, complete with good equation support. 

Rather than boasting about the ‘new’ feature, it would be interesting to explain how and why super/subscript have been missing until now.  It’s not the first time we’ve wondered about the internal thinking at Redmond.

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