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Get the right Barbie color for Word, PowerPoint and Office

Barbie (the doll, not the Aussie BBQ) is everywhere at the moment so we’ll explain how to select Barbie Pink in your Word documents, Excel sheets and PowerPoint slides.  There’s no one Barbie Pink but a selection to choose from.

We looked around various official sources for the toys and movie trying to find the ‘official’ Barbie Pink.  Turns out Barbie and her logo has many different shades of pink over the decades and there’s disagreement online about what exact color to use.

The saturation Barbie movie coverage (media and many product cross-promotions) means this might better serve as a warning about colors NOT to use!

The ‘official’ Barbie pink

Best we can tell, this is a good color match for Barbie Pink

Hex: #ec4399

RGB: 236, 67, 153  

This color code can be used any color selector in Office.

(Hex code is easiest in modern Microsoft Office, use RGB in older versions)

That’s based on our checks of various products and logos including this one from Wikimedia, available for download as an SVG or PNG.

Other Barbie Pink color options

The Barbie logo has changed over time, both the font and color.

“The Barbie brand has always been synonymous with Candy pink. The second version of 1975 had a slightly cooler pink shade than its predecessor. The color of the 1991 version looked more like the original version, but it was slightly lighter. Subsequent logo designs have had a more saturated shade of pink.”


Checking around there are other opinions about Barbie Pink, feel free to try one of these.

The color of the original Barbie logo used 1959-1975

Hex: #ff419d

RGB: 255, 65, 157

Used for the Barbie logo 2004-2005

Hex: #da0184

RGB: 218, 1, 132

Used in another logo on Wikimedia

Hex: #e33ea5

RGB: 227, 62, 165

This color code is widely quoted on the web and is the text color on the Barbie movie web site.

Hex: #e0218a

RGB: 224, 33, 138

And sometimes this color is suggested:

Hex: #fe46a5

RGB: 254, 70, 165

The current movie logo doesn’t use a single pink, there’s a subtle gradient from a lighter pink at the top to almost a plum shade at the bottom.

Try these colors we’ve grabbed from the movie logo


Hex: #b31e6d

RGB: 179, 30, 109

Gradient to the bottom at

Hex: #9e1962

RGB: 158, 25, 98

Overall, try a color like

Hex: #f01ca6

RGB: 240, 28, 166

Barbie infests London

The movie promotions department aren’t missing any opportunity, here’s just two of their efforts in London.

Barbican – Barbie Can — geddit?

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