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Side to Side - a touchy way to view Word documents

Side to Side is a different way to view a Word document. Flip through the pages with touches on the screen, like a book. If you’re sick of endless scrolling, Side to Side Page Movement is available for Word 365, Word 2021/2019 and Word 2016.

Using Side to Side View

The side to side command is clearly located in the view tab section as shown below. Just open your document and select View | Page Movement | Side to Side

There’s no keyboard shortcut to switch between Vertical and Side to Side.

Side to Side only applies in Print Layout view (obviously). Choose any other View (Web Layout, Outline, Draft) and it’s back to Vertical scrolling.

Navigating Side to Side

Side to Side is most suited to touch screens and tablets. Simply flip through pages using left/right swipes of your finger.

For everyone else to move between pages:

  • use your mouse wheel
  • the horizontal scroll bar
  • Page up and Page down keys

Editing available

Though mostly intended for reading, Side to Side is still part of Print Layout view and you can edit the document.

No Zoom

Once selected, bear in mind that Side to Side has no option to zoom in on your document.

To be able to zoom again or to remove this function, select the Vertical page movement conveniently located right next to it.

Focus with Side to Side Side to Side works nicely with Focus mode (View | Immersive | Focus or look on the status bar) in Word 365. Word switches to a full screen view with no distractions.

Editing is still possible here too.

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