Get more from Microsoft Word’s new Review cards

Microsoft Word’s collaboration features are changing, again, with Track Changes cards appearing for each edit in a document with a preview option in Word 365 for Windows.

Track Changes cards are already in the browser-based version of Word. They are now coming to Word 365 for Windows and Mac.

With Track Changes on, any edits appear in the document, as they have for some years. Changes can be accepted or rejected from the Review | Tracking toolbar.

Accept – verifies the change so it appears ‘fixed’ in the document.

Reject – reverts the text to the previous wording.

Previous / Next – jumps to the edits without change.

Track Changes card

What’s new is when the edit is clicked in the document.  A Track Changes card appears with details of the edit, who made the change and when.

Accept – the tick icon

Reject – the X icon

Preview change

In Word 365 for Windows only, hover over the tick or cross icons to see the result previewed in the document.

Here’s the deletion of ‘Four score and seven’ previewed as accepted.

And here’s the rejected suggestion previewed.

Cards for Track Changes are a welcome addition, mostly because of the (long-overdue) preview option.  A great pity that preview is only in the Windows desktop, not Word 365 for Mac. Hopefully this is a temporary setback not, yet another, example of Office for Mac getting second-class treatment.

Who gets it?

Track Changes cards are already available in the browser version of Word.

Beta Insiders of desktop Word can also see the cards.   Windows version 2205 build 15204.20000 or later.  Mac: version 16.61build 22040700) or later.

Eventually it’ll roll out to Preview and Public releases.

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