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St Patrick’s Day shamrock, clover and more in Office

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) already have some Irish St Patrick’s Day themed graphics.  Here’s a guide to what’s available for Shamrock, Four-leaf Clover, Leprechaun hats, pot of gold and Guinness graphics plus the exact Green and Orange colors to use.

Along the way we’ll do our bit to reinforce various Irish stereotypes <g>.

Colors for St Patty’s Day

The main colors for St Patrick’s Day are Green and Orange.  But which Green or Orange to choose?

Irish Green

We always use the green from the Ireland flag.  Hex: #169b62  or RGB: 22, 155, 98

Orange for Ireland

The other possibility is Orange, also from the national flag.  Hex: #ff883e or RGB: 255, 136, 62.

Irish Flag

Office Watch has already explained how to find the Ireland flag and how to vary the look in your Word or PowerPoint docs.

Irish Shamrock

The Shamrock is very easily available in Microsoft 365, Office 2021/2019 because it’s an Icon.  Go to Insert | Icon and search for ‘Shamrock’.

For Microsoft 365 there are two choices. A ‘white’ / outline icon  or a ‘black’ filled-in version.

Recolor by going to Graphics Format | Graphics Fill and choose another color.  We’ve used the green shade from the Irish flag to change both.

If the Shamrock icon doesn’t suit or you have earlier versions of Office, there are many, many Shamrock pictures and clipart on the web.  Google or Bing image searches for ‘Shamrock’ or ‘Shamrock clipart’ will find plenty of choices.

There are also some St Patrick’s Day themed emoji.

Four leaf clover

Another popular choice is the four-leaf clover, also available as an icon from Insert | Icon then search for ‘clover’.

Like all Office Icons, use the Graphics Format tab to change them.  Here we’ve added a shadow effect (left – Graphics Effect | Shadow) and increased the line thickness (right – Graphics Outline | Weight)

Leprechaun Hats and Pots of Gold

Office icons have Irish hats complete with shamrock and even pots of gold (or at least coins).

Find them at Insert | Icons and search for ‘leprechaun’.

We’ve colored the hats Green, of course.  The ‘Black’ pot has gold coins by changing the Graphics Outline to Orange.


There are two beer icons in Office which are OK but no respectable Irish Pub would serve a Guinness with a large head like this.


Guinness™ is THE Irish beer and very nice it is too – when served on tap.

The Guinness logo is available from Wikimedia as an SVG or PNG image.

Guinness colors

The Guinness colors are Black, White and the gold of the harp symbol is Hex: #b09247  or RGB: 176, 146, 71

There are plenty of Guiness in a glass or bottle photos online, start searching from Google Images , Or use this photo which our Editor-in-Chief sent as proof he’d safely arrived in Dublin <g>

Buy your own Irish Pub

Ever wondered why there are Irish Pubs all over the world, even in the most remote places?

One reason is the Irish Pub export business.  You can order all the design, fixtures for an Irish pub by mail order.  Have them shipped from ‘the old country’ as a DIY ready to put together.

See  or among many.

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