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Six best Emoji for St Patrick's Day

Of course, there are emoji suitable for St Patrick’s Day; four leaf clover, shamrock, top hat, two for beer and a rainbow. Here they are, how they look on different devices and the codes to find them.

Emoji for St Patrick’s Day

Like all emoji, use with care on web sites and email because each emoji looks quite different depending on the operating system and software used by the viewer.

Here’s a selection with the emoji, official name (for searching) and the Unicode number (use with Alt + X in Word and Outlook). The Top Hat was the closest we could find to leprechaun headwear. Add the Rainbow to your local Pot of Gold.

Windows emoji

St Patrick’s Day emoji in Word 365 on Windows 11, compare that below with the look of the same emoji opened in the latest Word but on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Emoji names and codes

Four Leaf CloverShamrockTop HatBeer mugClinking
Beer Mugs
1F3402618 & FE0F1F3A91F37A1F37B1F308
Unicode names for emoji (use for searches) plus Hex codes for Alt + X in Word/Outlook.

On Mac, iPad and iPhone

Here’s the same emoji as above, but viewed on a Mac or iPad. The four-leaf clover isn’t very nice but the Shamrock is quite realistic.

On Android

The emoji appear similar to Mac in Word on Android devices, except the Shamrock is quite primitive.

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