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Thanksgiving images, icons and more in Microsoft Office

Get a quick icon, image or graphic for your Thanksgiving documents, slides or emails from inside Microsoft Office plus getting AI to make a custom Thanksgiving poem with your family names.

Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac have a large range of icons, images and graphics available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Office 2021 and Office 2019 also have stock pictures available but from a more limited selection.

In this article we’ll show what’s available in Microsoft 365 apps plus some AI tricks to make your own images or even poems. First a shameless plug for our new ebook about Designer and the ‘Generate Image’ possibilities of AI ‘text to image’ services. Sales of our, very cheap, ebooks helps keep going as a web site and newsletters available to everyone.


Go to Insert | Pictures | Stock Images to search through a large library of images. Search for ‘Thanksgiving’.

Or be more specific, searching for ‘autumn leaves’, ‘pumpkin’, ‘turkey’, ‘corn’ etc.


Again, searching for ‘Thanksgiving’ will find most of the icons you might want including a wishbone!

Each icons comes in two styles – black/solid and outline. After insertion, Icons can be recolored and changed in many ways. Better Icon, Illustration Or SVG Editing Trick In Office

You’re not limited to Office icons, there are many more icons (SVG files) available online, Finding More SVG Or Icons For Your Office Documents

Online Pictures

Even more photos are available from Insert | Pictures | Online Pictures which is a web search of photos using Bing.

Alternatively, use Google Image Search which has much better filters and options, check under the ‘Tools’ button to filter by size, color, type, time and usage rights.


Office docs, slides and emails can also have emoji and there’s plenty to choose from.  See our searchable list of Thanksgiving emoji, fast find and copy

Make your own images

Now you can make your own photos or graphics using the ‘text to image’ AI features available online.

We have a lot more about making images from text in Microsoft Designer: Straight Talk – the first ebook all about the new, free Microsoft service.

‘Generate Images’ is available in Microsoft Designer and the same technology is at Bing Image Create (aka  Here’s “Thanksgiving dinner with man, woman, one boy and two girls” but you can be more specific about the people (sex, ages, etc) to match your family, the setting and style of graphic.

Make your own Thanksgiving poetry is Microsoft’s version of ChatGPT and among its many skills is poetry.  Give Copilot a topic and some names then see what it comes up with.

Just like making AI images, adding a style can help. In this case ‘Dorothy Parker.

ChatGPT is a better poet

ChatGPT does a better job than Copilot in most things. Here’s it’s, much better, response to the same prompt.

Thanksgiving emoji, fast find and copy

Finding more SVG or Icons for your Office documents
Better Icon, illustration or SVG editing trick in Office

The complete Thanksgiving family poem

After some requests from readers … here’s the complete Thanksgiving poem in the style of Dorothy Parker, as made by ChatGPT.  You’re welcome to copy and replace the names or pull out some phrases you like such as “Thanksgiving, a mix of mirth and mild fear.” will resonate with some people.

Thanksgiving at the Smiths, oh what a sight, 

Pamela in the kitchen, her apron tied tight. 

Roasted turkey, golden brown, a feast for the eyes, 

While Billy, the father, dreams of pumpkin pies.

Miguel, the eldest, is lost in his phone, 

Scrolling and smirking in a world of his own. 

Little Jane, with her curls and a grin so wide, 

Counts the minutes for the parade televised.

Pamela mutters, “Gratitude is the theme,” 

While Billy chuckles, in a football dream. 

The turkey’s carved, the family’s all here, 

Thanksgiving, a mix of mirth and mild fear.

At the table, they sit, a family so neat, 

Sharing stories between every little treat. 

In this dance of dysfunction, love finds its way, 

In the charming chaos of Thanksgiving Day.

So, here’s to the Smiths, in their joy and their strife, 

Celebrating the bittersweet flavors of life. 

A toast to the day, with its laughter and tear, 

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good year!

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