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Microsoft 365 instant account switching

Quickly switch accounts while using Microsoft Office 365, Office 2019 and Office 2021 for Windows and even have different logins in separate programs.

Many people wear different ‘hats’ while using Office.  There’s a Work ‘hat’ or ‘hats’ with more than one job. Plus your personal or home role.  Sometimes even more hats/roles like a volunteer task running a local group?

Now each of those roles can have a different Microsoft account or Microsoft 365 login.

In the past Office could not easily cope with different Microsoft account logins.  You had to sign out and login to the other account – a time-consuming annoyance.

Quick Account Switching

Microsoft Office 365, Office 2021/2019 for Windows has quick or instant account switching.  Click on the account menu at top right to see your login options.

‘Sign in with a different account’ now sets up another Microsoft/Office 365 account login.

If you’ve already logged into other accounts, they’ll show up in the list. Just click on another account to switch the Office program over to it.

How many different accounts?  We’ve setup five logins with no trouble.

Different accounts for each programs

The surprising and less mentioned part of quick account switching is that it applies on a per-program basis.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office 365 program can be running at the same time with different Microsoft account logins.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint open with different logins

You can’t mix logins within the one program. For example, it’s not possible to have two open Word documents, each using a different Microsoft account login.

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