Office for iPad ‘thanks for noticing’ from Microsoft

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Microsoft likes us noticing changes – so why not tell us first?

Jenny N. writes:

I totally agree with you about Microsoft’s habit of making changes and fixing bug without telling customers.  But it’s more ironic than you realize. 

Look at a comment from an Office for iPad product manager on the MS blog.  He’s ‘glad’ a customer noticed a change in Excel for iPad. 

Imagine how more happy we customers would be if we KNEW what changes to use instead of finding them accidently?

Does Microsoft really understand how to deal with customers, especially people like me who’ve used Office for well over a decade?

Jenny is right, in the comments for the blog article announcing the Office for iPad April 2014 update there is this exchange:

  • Customer: But wait, there is more! Hyperlinks from Sheet1 to Sheet2 started working in this version! Thanks for that improvement!
  • Microsoft executive: We’re glad you noticed, Bill. It feels good to know that these updates are making a difference.

It is a curious remark given Microsoft’s absolute refusal to issue a full list of the changes and bug fixes in Office for iPad.  We can’t fathom a corporate culture that expects customers to hunt around finding changes in a complex product.  Withholding bug fixes is wrong but makes sense from a hard marketing POV but why keep news of product improvements a secret then be ‘glad’ when someone stumbles upon them?


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