Showing Language setting in Word

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How to see which language is set in Word.

When you have a multi-lingual Word document, you can see the current language on the status bar below the document – but changing the language is another matter.

You can add a language selector to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) like this: image from Showing Language setting in Word at

You can use this as a pull-down list to change the language setting in parts of a document.

The problem is the fixed width of the toolbar item. As you can see from the above Word 2013 example, you can can’t see whether the setting is English (United States) or English (United Kingdom)! Other language setting also fall off the edge of the narrow view.

In Word 2010 and Word 2007 that specific problem doesn’t occur because the language options were labelled ‘English (U.S.)’ and ‘English (U.K.)’. Office 2013 changes the label to a longer form (e.g. ‘English (United Kingdom)’) which doesn’t fit in the standard width allowed for the Language selector. Microsoft expanded the language labels without considering all the consequences.

Still, if it will help, here’s how to add it. Go to the Quick Access Toolbar, click on the arrow on right and choose More Commands. That will open the QAT customize dialog.

Change ‘Choose commands from …’ to All Commands then scroll down to the Language options. There are three called ‘Language’, we want the top one with the cursor/down arrow icon on the right. Select that one then click ‘Add’. image from Showing Language setting in Word at

You can move the QAT items around using the arrows on bottom right.

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