Our guide to Office 2016 - out now

Office 2016 is now rolling out to Office 365 subscribers.  To help you make the most of it is Office 2016: the real startup guide.

“Things you need to know that Microsoft won’t tell you: saving money, installing, configuring and using Office 2016 for Windows”

Office 2016: the real startup guide is the latest in our popular series of comprehensive guides to buying, installing, configuring and using Office.

Get ‘up to speed’ with the new and changed features in the last few versions of Office.

Properly prepare for installing Office 2016 for Windows the best way and for the least cost.  After all it’s probably the most used piece of software on your computer, aside from Windows itself – so it’s worth getting right. We’ll give you information that Microsoft doesn’t provide ‘up front’ so that you can make a properly informed installation and configuration

  • Full Color
  • Over 360 pages
  • Fully Updated
  • Fast find, table of contents with links
  • PDF format, compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple and Android tablets and pretty much anything else including, of course, iPads!

Office 2016: the real startup guide

     applies to all versions of Office 2016 including:

    • Office 365 Home
    • Office 365 Personal
    • Office 365 University
    • Home and Student edition
    • Home and Business edition

We also explain the difference between all those different names <g>.

Office 2016 – Word 2016, Excel 2016, and Outlook 2016.

Save Money

We have detailed advice on how to buy Microsoft Office for less that retail. In fact our motto is

“Never pay retail”

The big change in Office 2016 is the way it’s sold. Microsoft is heavily pushing annual subscriptions to Office over the one-time purchase we’re used to.

You can still buy Office 2016 ‘off the shelf’ but it costs more because you get a lot less than in the past.

We also have detailed advice on the computer hardware that’s best to run Office 2016, far more information than Microsoft’s brief and understated system requirements.

We’ll take you step-by-step through the online purchase of an Office 2016/Office 365 subscription

How to install Office 2016 without uninstalling your current version of Office.

Using Office 2016

An in-depth look at some of the new and changed Office 2016 features.

Word you can now do ‘real time’ sharing of documents. Several people can edit a document and their changes appearing on each computer almost immediately.  The Equation Editor now lets you scrawl your formula on the screen.  You can now edit PDF files, insert online video and design tables more easily. Reading mode and Reviewing have improvements

Outlook – has changed the way attachments appear and can be added to a message.  Also the option to add a link to a OneDrive file, instead of the entire file.   Clutter is a new Exchange Server feature that’s available via Outlook. It has an easier way to reply to messages with inline. Quick Peek lets you quickly view contacts and appointments without totally switching windows. At last, you can re-order folders!

Excel has six new chart styles that add interesting and useful options for displaying data.  Forecast is a simple and effective way to project future results from past data.  PowerQuery lets you easily pull in data from a wide range of sources and analyze it with the familiar Excel tools..  Flash Fill and Quick Analysis plus much easier ways to choose Charts and PivotTables . Also welcome additions like proper multiple windows and animations. Naturally there’s new functions including a way to grab XML data without code.

Portable Office

Office on Demand is a unique and useful portable option that’s worth checking out. It’s only available to people with some Office 365 subscriptions.


Microsoft likes to push the line that installing their software is simple and easy. For the most part it is easy, but there are things that you should do to make your computing is more stable and efficient..

Step-by-Step with Click-To-Run

This ebook will take you step-by-step through an Office 2016 installation.

64-bit Office 2013 has special considerations, which we look at in detail.


What Microsoft wants isn’t necessarily what you need. Microsoft chooses the original settings based on what they think people want and, occasionally, some marketing agenda. This book suggests easy changes to make.

The ribbon interface has a lot more going on than most people realize.  We go into the ribbon in detail, the features and shortcuts as well as the changed things in Office 2016.  See how it can be easily changed in Office 2016

The Quick Access Toolbar can also be loaded up with your most commonly used commands – we have step-by-step instructions


        • Buying Office
        • Saving money buying Office 2016
          • Never Pay Retail!
        • System Requirements
          • The bare minimum
          • What you really need
        • Before installation
        • Office installation
        • Special Installations
          • 64-bit Office
          • Multiple versions of Office
        • After installation
          • Windows Desktop Search
          • iTunes
          • Classic Menu
          • Backups
        • Configuring Office 2016
        • Office 2016 interface in depth
        • Word  2016
        • Outlook  2016
        • Excel  2016


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