Sharing documents in Office 2016 for Mac

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Office 2016 for Mac (Office 365) has the same document sharing options as Office for Windows but they look a little different.  In fact, Office for Mac has an additional sharing option not available in Windows.

Just like Office 2016 for Windows, Office 2016 for Mac has a Share button on the top right of the ribbon.

The difference is the fly-out choices instead of a sharing pane.

The Office for Mac File | Share menu has those options and a few more:

  • Invite People – sends quick email invitations for cloud saved documents.
  • Copy … Link – gives you sharing links to email, message for sharing documents.
  • Send … – three choices for sending the document via email:
    • a Word document
    • a PDF version of the document
    • the document is inserted into the message body (with HTML based formatting). This isn’t an attachment, it’s converting the document into an email.

There’s no equivalent to ‘Send HTML…’ in Word for Windows.  Office for Windows users can get the same result by copying a document and pasting into a message body.

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